Archetypal Embodiment Bundle




Embody The 4 Lunar Archetypes 

And Activate All Their Superpowers

The Power Of Archetypes

What are Divine Feminine Archetypes &

How Can They Help Me Create An Extraordinary, Mythic Life?


 Divine Feminine archetypes are powerful expressions of feminine energy that have been with us for thousands of year. 


As collective patterns of evolutionary consciousness, we can tap into their energetic imprint to help us embrace their gifts and fully realize our feminine power.



Sense the energy of the "Mother" ...

and her unconditional love in Mother Theresa and Mother Mary.


Imagine the dedication and majesty of the "Queen"...

and as she cares for and empowers her realm in Wonder Woman.


Feel the sensuality and connection of the "Goddess of Love"...

and her loving presence in Marilyn Monroe and Penelope Cruz.


Recognize the wisdom of the "Sage"...

and her clarity and confidence in Maya Angelou and the Greek goddess Athena.



By embodying our innate feminine archetypal energy,

we can consciously create a life of balance, harmony, pleasure and abundance as we dance in the mystery of life and craft our feminine purpose and legacy. 


We don't have to do it alone. 

We don't always have to struggle, hustle and strive.


We can be supported, held and renewed each moon cycle with the

renewable energy of divine feminine archetypal power.  


It's our birthright to both expand and contract.


Claim your birthright and honor your energy and body temple by following our ancient feminine wisdom, the moon cycle and her divine feminine archetypes.

Embody All 4 Archetypes With The Bundle

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Nourish Yourself With Self-Love

Love Like A Mother


Create Order & Balance With Structure 


Reign Like A Queen


Give & Receive Pleasure & Connection


Shine Like A Goddess


Reflect & Renew To Lead The Way


Lead Like A Sage

Here's What's Included In Each Archetypal Embodiment Kit 


With Embodiment Practices

Create your own embodiment rituals and daily practices with the ideas and elements on the Archetypal Embodiment Resource List



Unique Archetypal Elements 

Identify your gifts, shadows and challenges with the Archetypal Checklist.  See how your archetype fits into the Moon Cycle Power Path


Your Energetic Connection

Deepen mentally, emotionally and spiritually at her moon phase with Archetypal Poetry, Journaling & an Audio Activation


The Moon Cycle Power Path


Let go of exhaustion, overwhelm, division and doubt...

And activate your feminine archetypal power with

the magic of the moon cycle


Your signature archetype is just one of the 4 Feminine Lunar Archetypes that can assist you in living a life that is more balanced, joyful and meaningful.


The 4 archetypes of Mother, Queen, Goddess and Sage each have gifts to help us find more balance in our busy lives. Together they provide a framework of nourishment, support, connection and purpose. 


And since each archetype is tied to the 4 moon phases and 4 Moon Themes, the Moon Cycle is a compass for to know when it's best to activate and embody the archetypes and their gifts.




Empower your life, energy and purpose

with the Moon Cycle Power Path and

Buy all 4 Archetypal Kits in this Special Priced Bundle


About Aurora


Aurora Farber is a transformational coach, relationship educator, writer, speaker, sacred space ceremonialist, magical muse and modern-day priestess.


Her mission to help women reclaim and ignite their “Feminine Fire” (the heart-light within that integrates life-giving power, compassionate love and intuitive wisdom) because these three feminine flames are the key to catalyzing the passionate and purposeful action that will heal our world.  




"Voices In The Moonlight" in the New Feminine Evolutionary Book, Sacred Body Wisdom, is the inspiration behind this offering.   It is the story of Aurora's dark night of the soul facing cancer and how that brought her to embrace the preciousness of the present moment, and the magic of the moonlight.


Aligned with the 4 phases of the moon, the archetypes provided a blueprint for how to live a life that's balanced, joyful and meaningful.


May these Lunar Archetypal Allies guide you on your path to more harmony, pleasure and purpose!