Billing Policies


The Farber Group, LLC

Payment Options: We accept Paypal and Stripe credit card payments. 


General Policies: You are responsible for keeping all credit card details and contact information current to keep your account in good standing. Please email to update your billing information. 


Billing: You will be billed automatically every 30 days (or the nearest weekday) for recurring charges, or at intervals otherwise agreed in our contract. 


Billing Disputes: In the unlikely event of a disagreement between us regarding your services or deliverables, you agree to make a good faith attempt for 30 days to communicate with Company prior to initiating a chargeback. 


Delinquency Policies: If the credit card is declined, we will continue to attempt to charge the card on file every 3 days for 30 days (up to 10 times). We will attempt to notify you for updated contact information. 


Delinquent Accounts: After 30 days without payment, your account will be considered delinquent. All accounts 30 days past due may be disabled or de-activated until balances are paid in full.


Returned Item Fee: There is a $50.00 insufficient funds check fee for returned checks in addition to the amount still due.


Late Fee: Invoices which remain unpaid after 30-days may be assessed a late fee of $50.00 per month.


Chargebacks: If a customer initiates a chargeback, we will assess a $250.00 processing fee for each individual chargeback.


Collections Fees: In the event an account is submitted to a third-party collections service, the client will be responsible for the full amount of the collections fees, in addition to any other fees previously assessed on the account.


Cancellation: Cancellation of an account does not dismiss outstanding invoices or the contracted commitments. At the time of cancellation, any outstanding balance must be settled. All cancelled accounts with an outstanding balance may be automatically turned over to a third-party collection service. This paragraph does not invalidate our refund policy. 


Charge backs: Regardless of the outcome of a chargeback dispute by a credit card company or payment processor, we reserve the legal right to enforce our agreements and collect past due balances in court. 


Updated July 27, 2021