Moon Cycle Magic



Align Your Feminine Energy With The Magic Of The Moon

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Moon Cycle Magic 



  • Learn to work with the 4 phases of the moon and honor your natural feminine rhythm with The Moon Cycle Power Path


  • Optimize your energy and output with "Best Practices" each moon phase


  • Work with your intentions to create more synchronicity and hear your inner soul voice


  • Deepen your connection with the moon rhythm with 4 Moon Magic Ritual Projects


  • Work with the 4 Lunar Archetypes and awaken their Divine Feminine gifts


  • Create a Moon Journal practice to fully receive and archive your growth and wisdom


  • Receive the support of sisterhood, the moon phases and 4 Lunar Archetypes as you reclaim your feminine power!


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Aurora Farber's mission is to help women "ignite their feminine fire" and claim their creative power to birth a new world of love, harmony and compassion.  Learn more about her work at

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